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Organized urban poor gears for Barangay Posts on October

July 30, 2007

The barangay election is set on October 29,  2007, will be a major arena for the organized sectors for engagement. Through the electoral process at the village level, there is a big opportunity to advance the development agenda and issues of the urban poor once progressive community leaders are put in power as punong barangays and barangay kagawads.

Various urban poor organizations under the Lumaban Ka, an alliance of urban poor organizations in the country pushing for housing rights and participation in politics and governance, are geared to run and support progressive candidates in the electoral exercise this October. According to Tony Magandi, one of the convenors of Lumaban Ka, it is an imperative to pose an alternative to the current trapo politics that is prevailing at the barangay level. He himself is posing to challenge the incumbent punong barangay who is corrupt and irresponsible, to provide a new horizon for the citizens of his barangay that is democratic and development oriented.

 CPE, in partnership with the Barangay Bayan Governance Consortium (BBGC) will conduct capacity building for those who are planning to participate in the electoral contest.

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