Programs and Services

Awareness Building and Capacity Development (ABCD)

  • CPE conducts the following seminars and  trainings:
    • Urban Poor Seminar on Urban Governance and Empowerment (UPSURGE). A 3-day seminar on how urban poor organizations can effectively participate and engage  in local governance and promote its development agenda at the barangay and city level.
    • Urban Poor Leadership Formation Training (UPLIFT). A 3-day training on developing and unleashing the leadership potential of community leaders to become a potent and dynamic agent of change. The module includes leadership concepts and skills on negotiation, effective communication and organizational development.
    • Barangay Development Planning through Participatory Learning and Action (BDP-PLA). A 3-5 days in-house training on participatory process in developing comprehensive and strategic barangay (village) development plan, followed by a 5 day practicum (actual participatory barangay development planning process). The methodologies taught in the training are attitudes and methods derived from participatory methodologies that originated from the practice of participatory resource appraisal (PRA) and consensus-building techniques. The training can be availed both by leaders of community  associations and local governments who believes in participatory development process.
    • Paralegal Training (PLT). In partnership with legal organizations, CPE conducts paralegal training for urban poor groups for them to be effectively equipped with legal and meta legal knowledge, attitudes and skills in their struggle.

Networking and Linkaging

  • Secretariat work
    • CPE acts as secretariat to Bantay Riles Network and now, for the Lumaban Ka. Bantay Riles Network (Railways Watch) is a network of urban poor associations along the northrail and southrail areas. BRN fought for the poor’s rights for a decent and humane housing, that is mandated and guaranteed by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  BRN staged advocacy and lobby work both at the local and national government agencies, as well as legislative advocacy.
    • LUMABAN KA (To Fight) or Lakas at Ugnayan ng Maralita Laban sa Kahirapan (Strength and Unity of the Poor Against Poverty) is an alliance of more than 100 urban poor associations in Manila, Quezon City, Muntinlupa, Malabon, Valenzuela, Caloocan City, Las Pinas, Antipolo, Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite. Lumaban Ka was organized to broaden and strengthen the unity for urban poor’s struggle for housing rights and other socio-economic rights, and effective participation in politics and governance. The alliance will be launced in December 2007, in time for the commemoration of the Urban Poor Week.
  • CPE is also active in the formulation of a legislative agenda of the urban poor, in partnership with LUMABAN KA and Akbayan! Citizens’ Action Party.  

Program Development

  • CPE assists in the preparation and marketing of project proposals of urban poor associations. The center also assists in facilitating the association’s planning workshops and other organizational activities.
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