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Participatory Electoral Platform / Agenda Building in Quezon City: First Step towards a More Accountable Governance

bayanihanby Ed Chavez

I am an advocate of good governance, as well as political and electoral reforms. We want reform in governance. We want it happen in the Philippines. We can start it locally at the city and barangay level. We need leaders who will promote participatory good governance. Good governance starts with platform building. Platform based election vs personality and money -oriented politics. Much better if the candidate’s platform is crafted by the people.  They will have ownership in the platform. It becomes a covenant between the leaders and its constituents. The platform is based from the people’s experience, their aspirations. More importantly, public accountability is stronger specially when the candidate is already in office.

…And we  found a partner to do this and make these  ideas materialize. In Quezon City. A result of the meeting of minds.  a very promising leader. young. idealistic. passionate. Hindi rin biro na maglunsad ng ganitong proyekto– ang ilahad at ipaubaya mo sa mga mamamayan ang magiging development agenda at plataporma de gobyerno. It may raise expectations from your constituents.  but she  confidently took the challenge. At mukhang this is the first in Quezon City, or in NCR, kung hindi man sa buong Pilipinas.

(I met her during our Special Course in Urban and Regional Planning at UP. We are both members of the Council of Sectoral Reps. Dun lang kami nagkakilala. And from there, nagkakaroon kami ng exchange of ideas. And I personally found her ideas progressive and reform-oriented (unexpectedly:-).

The platform will center on further improving the following key areas/sectors:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Education and Culture
  • Livelihood and Economic Development
  • Peace and Social Security
  • Sustainable Good Governance

The main thrust should be how to create Jobs and livelihood, programs that will create Opportunities for all — Youth, women and all sectors. The main strategy for the platform/agenda to be realized is through Bayanihan sa Pamamahala.

There will be a series of community-based consultation-workshops in each 24 areas of Quezon City wherein the result of the workshop will be presented back to the people for approval, adoption and endorsement. The platform may even be presented to other candidates as a development agenda that gone through a process. And not just developed by one or two persons. Because of the process, the agenda or programs are based on the priorities perceived by the people themselves.

Baka sakali, sa pagsisimula sa paggawa pa lang ng plataporma, ay matiyak ng mga tao ang isang mas responsive, accountable, transparent at participative na pamamahala — dito sa Quezon City sa pamamagitan ng Bayanihan sa Barangay.

(this article is based on the personal ideas of the author)

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